• What do I have to do if I'm issued with a vehicle prohibition notice?

    If you are given a roadworthiness prohibition notice, you will be given a PG9 form - this means you will no longer be able to drive your vehicle.

    In order for your vehicle to be allowed back on the road, you will need to follow the guidance of the officer who issued the PG9 form to you, and also follow the notes on the back of your prohibition notice.

  • Can I drive my vehicle to the MOT facility and to the police station?

    Until the vehicle is fixed, you are not allowed to drive it.

    Once it is fixed, you are allowed to drive it to a MOT centre, providing the test is pre-booked. You must have a full MOT if a vehicle has been issued with a prohibition notice, no matter the age of it.

    If the vehicle passes its MOT, you are then allowed to drive it to the police station to present the certificate. You will then be issued with a PG10 form, which will allow you to drive the vehicle again.

    To find your local police station, and its opening hours, please click here.

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