Robbery and theft

A robbery is the illegal taking of property from someone against his or her will, by violence or intimidation.

A theft is the illegal taking and carrying away of the personal goods or property of someone without threats or violence.

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Someone stole or attempted to steal from me
Someone has stolen or attempted to steal an item from you but no force or violence was used during the incident
Someone stole or attempted to steal from an individual or group
Someone stole or attempted to steal from another person or group
Someone stole from me and force or violence was used
Force or violence was used when the item was taken, for example you were pushed, pulled or hit
Threats were made
Someone threatened you before they took your item
I am worried that I may get something stolen from me
You are worried about having an item of yours stolen and would like some advice to stop this happening
There are witnesses
Someone saw the incident happen
I don't think there are any witnesses
You don't know if anyone saw what happened

Your situation

A wallet or purse was stolen
You or someone you know had a wallet or purse taken
Jewellery was stolen
You or someone you know had some jewellery taken
Keys were stolen
You or someone you know had some keys taken
A mobile phone was stolen
You or someone you know had your mobile phone taken
An electrical item was stolen
You or someone you know had an electrical item stolen, such as a tablet or a games console
A bag was stolen
You or someone you know had a bag stolen
Money was stolen
You or someone you know has had money stolen
Another item was stolen
You or someone you know had an item not mentioned in the other options stolen from you

Your situation

This has happened more than once
This isn't the first time this has happened
I feel I've been targeted
If you feel that you have been targeted for a particular reason please make sure you tell us this
I do not speak English very well
English is not your first language and you may have difficulties discussing your concerns

The person who did this

I know who did this
You have details of, or know who committed the crime
I don’t know who committed the crime but I do have a description
You have a description of what the offender looks like
I don't have a name or description of anyone involved, but I do have other details
You do not have a description or name of people involved, but do have details such as their address, their place of work, their number plate, online details etc.
Someone I know has details about who did this
Someone believes they have information about the person or people who have done this
I don't know who did this
You do not have any details of who is involved in this


There is video footage or photos
There may be CCTV, video or images of the incident or offender
There is evidence which could identify the person responsible
There may be evidence such as bodily fluids, fingerprints, footprints or saliva
They left something behind
The suspect may have left an item behind
There are verbal or written comments
The suspect said something, left graffiti, or wrote something online or sent emails or messages
I have injuries
You have physical wounds, bruises or scratches
I don’t know if there is any evidence
You are unsure if there is evidence that can help with the investigation


This is affecting my mental or physical health
You would like support following this incident
I want to remain anonymous
You do not want to provide your details
I'm worried about going to court
You do not feel comfortable taking part in a trial or hearing
I'm worried it may happen again
You are worried that this incident may happen again


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