Noise nuisance

Noise nuisance, as frustrating as it is, is not a police matter. We do understand though that it can cause distress or upset for you and there are agencies who can help you.

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There is a loud party going on
You are being disturbed by a loud party near you
My neighbour is being too loud
Your neighbour's music, TV or other device is too loud
A building near me is too loud
A building near you, such as a factory or a pub, is making too much noise
A dog near me is being too loud
A dog near you is making too much noise
There are loud fireworks going off
Fireworks near you are too loud
An ice-cream van is too loud
The chimes or loudspeaker of an ice-cream van is too loud or is causing disruption
Construction work near me is too loud
Building or construction work taking place near you is too loud

Your situation

This has happened more than once
This isn't the first time this has happened
There is a pattern to when this happens
There are regular dates and times when it takes place
I feel I've been targeted
You feel that people are making loud noises to deliberately target you
I already have a reference number for a similar incident
You already have an ASB non-crime number related to this or a similar incident


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