Missing people

We define a person as missing if their whereabouts cannot be established and where the circumstances are out of character or the person may be subject of crime or at risk of harm to themselves or someone else.

A person may also be classed as absent if they are not at a place where they are expected or required to be and there is no apparent risk.

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I want to report a missing person
You want to report someone who is missing
I have information about a missing person
You have seen or have information about a person who has been reported missing
I have been reported missing
You have been reported missing and want to tell the police you are safe
What to do when the person returns
The person has been found or has returned and you don't know what to do

Your situation

This isn't the first time the person has gone missing
The person has gone missing before
I do not speak English very well
English is not your first language and you may have difficulties discussing your concerns
I need help and support
Find out the support available to families and friends of missing people


I’m not sure why the person has gone missing
You do not know the reason why the person has gone missing
I'm not sure when to report this
You do not know how soon you should report your concerns
I'm unsure what information I will need to provide
You want to know what information you will need to provide
I do not want to get someone into trouble
You are worried that you might get the person in trouble by reporting them missing
I'm not sure if officers will have to search my property
You are worried that the police may have to search the property the person is missing from


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