• How do I pay a traffic fine?

    The Central Ticket Office deals with the processing of all fixed penalty notices, speeding offences, penalty notices for disorder and traffic offence reports (TORs).

    Should you need to contact our central ticket office, you can email them, or call 101 and when prompted, input extension 805 6633. Please note, this is a voicemail only service, so please leave your contact details and they will get back to you.

    They do not deal with payments of fines. You can pay your fixed penalty notice here or by calling the national payment line on 0300 1231 481. You can pay your fine via these methods at any time.

  • I've received a traffic offence report. What does this mean?

    We may issue a traffic offence report (TOR) instead of a fixed penalty ticket as they allows us to offer driver education courses.

    There are two types of motoring offence for which a TOR can be issued:

    • Non-Endorsable offences –  these offences carry a fine of between £30 to £100 with no penalty points endorsed on your driving licence.
    • Endorsable offences – these offences carry a fine of between £100 - £300 and can result in between three and six penalty points being endorsed on your driving licence. Some endorsable offences allow the opportunity to attend a educational course instead of paying a fine. However certain eligibility criteria needs to be met including not having attended the same course within a three year period, in order for this option to be offered.
  • What are driver education courses?

    The National Speed Awareness Course is designed to cover appropriate offences detected by speed cameras and police at the road side.

    The What's Driving Us Course is for drivers that knew their actions amounted to an offence.

    The Driving 4 Change course is for drivers who demonstrate carelessness or under performance.

    The National Driver Alertness course is for drivers who have been involved in a road traffic collision.

    The Ride course is specifically for drivers who have committed offences while riding a motorcycle.

    You can find out more information on these and other courses by clicking here.


    Due to the coronavirus outbreak all driver awareness courses have been cancelled until June.

    We and your course provider are aware you have been affected and we are working to resolve this matter.

    You’ll be contacted with more details when we have them.

    For more information around our response to the coronavirus outbreak, visit this page.

  • I want to challenge a traffic offence report. How do I do this?

    If you wish to challenge a traffic offence report sent to you, full details on how to do so will be on the back of the letter that will be sent to you.

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