Some young people can be caught up in gang culture and want out. At the same time some parents, guardians and friends may be worried about their loved ones becoming involved in gangs but don’t know what to do.

A gang is defined as ‘a relatively durable, predominantly street-based group of young people who (1) see themselves (and are seen by others) as a discernible group, (2) engage in criminal activity and violence, (3) lay claim over territory (not necessarily geographical but can include an illegal economy territory), (4) have some form of identifying structural feature; and (5) are in conflict with other, similar gangs.’

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Your situation

I’m worried someone I know is involved in a gang
You are worried that your son or daughter, a friend or someone you care about may be involved in a gang
I’m in a gang and want to leave
You are part of a gang and you want support, help or advice about how to leave


I do not speak English very well
English is not your first language and you may have difficulties discussing your concerns
I’m not sure if being in a gang is illegal
You are unsure about what the law says about being in a gang
I don’t want to get someone into trouble
You are worried that speaking out with get someone into trouble
I don’t think the person will listen to me
You are worried that your advice about gangs will be ignored
I don’t know why the person has joined a gang
You are unsure why the person has decided to join a gang
I don’t know what the signs are that someone could be in a gang
You are unsure what to look out for if someone has joined a gang
I’m not sure if my daughter or other girls could be part of a gang
You are unsure if the same rules apply to girls as well as boys


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