Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those aged 16 or over who have been intimate partners or family members, regardless of sexuality.

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I am being abused
Someone is abusing you and you want to report it
I know someone being abused
You know someone who is suffering domestic abuse
I have been abused but didn’t report it at the time
You wish to report domestic abuse that happened in the past which you didn’t report at the time
I want to speak to someone independent
You want to speak to someone about domestic abuse other than the police
There are witnesses
Someone saw the incident happen
I don't think there are any witnesses
You don't know if anyone saw what happened

Your situation

I have been physically abused
You or the person you know has suffered physical abuse
I have been verbally abused
You or the person you know has suffered verbal abuse
I am being controlled
You are or the person you know is being controlled by someone else
I have been forced to have sex with someone
You or the person you know have been raped
Someone has touched me inappropriately
You or the person you know have been sexually assaulted
This has happened more than once
This isn't the first time this has happened
I do not speak English very well
English is not your first language and you may have difficulties discussing your concerns

The person who did this

I know who did this
You have details of, or know who carried out the abuse
I’ve been abused by a family member
You may have been abused by someone in your family
I’ve been abused by a partner
You have been abused by a partner or an ex-partner


There is video footage or photos
There may be CCTV, video or images of the incident or offender
There is evidence which could identify the person responsible
There may be evidence such as bodily fluids, fingerprints, footprints or saliva
They left something behind
The suspect may have left an item behind
There are verbal or written comments
The suspect said something, left graffiti, or wrote something online or sent emails or messages
I have injuries
You have physical wounds, bruises or scratches
I don’t know if there is any evidence
You are unsure if there is evidence that can help with the investigation


This is affecting my mental or physical health
You would like support following this incident
I’m worried no one will believe me or I will get into trouble
You are worried that if you report the incident no one will believe you or you will end up getting into trouble because of it
I'm worried about going to court
You do not feel comfortable taking part in a trial or hearing
I don’t want to be medically examined
You are worried about the medical process and don’t want anyone to examine you
I am worried that this may happen again
You are concerned that the abuse will continue


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