What We Do

The team's main role is to safely dismantle cannabis farms found across the West Midlands. This is done by:

  •  Removing cannabis plants and chemicals 
  •  Collecting evidence from the scene
  •  Making the building safe
  • Destroying any equipment used to grow the plants 
  • Recycling parts where possible

Cannabis factories are dangerous places, normally converted from ordinary homes.  Often the electricity meter has been bypassed and overloaded electrical circuits run close to water-filled pipes. 

The team make these dangerous buildings safe by dismantling the set-up, this helps to prevent injuries to colleagues or partners who may need to enter the building.

All cannabis plants are burnt at a 'waste to energy' plant. This is overseen by a police officer to ensure the cannabis never makes its way back onto the streets.

If you think that you are living next to a building where cannabis is being grown, and you want to report this to us, visit this page.


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