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It is illegal to distribute a private sexual image of someone without their consent and with the intention of causing them distress.

This can include images posted to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, shared via text message or shown in person.

To get targeted advice please select from the cards below before pressing the ‘see my options’ button.
You do not have to select a card from every category. Alternatively skip to the general advice.
No information is recorded unless you choose to report this to us.
I am the victim of revenge porn
You want to report someone has shared a pornographic image of you without your permission
Someone I know has been the victim of revenge porn
You are concerned that a member of your family, a friend or a work colleague has had a pornographic image shared without their permission
There are witnesses
Someone saw the incident happen
I don't think there are any witnesses
You don't know if anyone saw what happened
Your situation
I am under 18
Indecent or pornographic images of me are being shared and I am under 18 years old
I am 18 or over
Indecent or pornographic images of me are being shared and I am 18 or older
This has happened more than once
This isn't the first time this has happened
I do not speak English very well
English is not your first language and you may have difficulties discussing your concerns
I feel I've been targeted
If you feel that you have been targeted for a particular reason please make sure you tell us this
The person who did this
I know who did this
You have details of, or know the person who sent the images
I don't have a name or description of the person, but I have other details
You do not have any description or names of those involved, but do have details such as their address, their place of work, their number plate, online details etc.
Someone I know has details about who did this
Someone believes they have information about the person or people who have done this
I don't know who did this
You do not have any details of who is involved in this
There is video footage or photos
There is video or images of the revenge porn
There are verbal or written comments
The suspect said something, left graffiti, or wrote something online or sent emails or messages
I don’t know if there is any evidence
You are unsure if there is evidence that can help with the investigation
This is affecting my mental or physical health
You would like support following this incident
I'm worried about going to court
You do not feel comfortable taking part in a trial or hearing
I’m embarrassed or worried I may get into trouble
You are worried that other people know about this or that you may get into trouble
I want the image to be taken down
You want to know how you can get the image taken down if it appears online.
I'm unsure if I should tell people what has happened to me?
You want to know if you should tell other people about this incident?
I'm not sure if I should confront the person sharing the images or seek revenge
You are considering confronting the person who has shared the images and want to know if it is the right action to take
I’m not sure if the image being shared is pornographic
You are unsure if the picture that is being shared is considered as pornographic material
I'm not sure if revenge porn covers topless photos
You want to know if revenge porn legislation includes the sharing of topless images
I'm not sure if revenge porn covers photoshopped images
You want to know if an image that has been digitally altered or changed is classed as revenge porn
I'm unsure if everyone who shares the image is guilty of revenge porn
You want to know if everyone who shares the image with someone else is also committing an offence