• Why have we introduced spit and bite guards?

    As well as protecting officers and passers-by, the new guards should also reduce the level of force officers have to use on a spitting detainee. Currently, the only method of stopping a spit attack is by using several officers to physically restrain the person.

  • What are spit and bite guards made of?

    The spit guards are made from a loose-fitting, net-like material. They have a reinforced section around the jawline to prevent spitting and biting. The devices are medically certified and guarantee no mouth or airway blockage, to prevent asphyxiation through the ingestion of fluids or solids. They allow clear visibility which helps reduce panic and avoids the escalation of violence.

    When fitted, the wearer with be constantly monitored and the guard removed at the earliest opportunity.


  • How can I find out more?

    You can find out more about spit and bite guards by watching this video.


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