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Civil dispute involving landlord


Advice for landlords and tenants about evictions

Landlords must follow strict procedures if they want a tenant to leave their property. You can find out more about council and housing evictions or private renting evictions.

Repairs and rent

Advice for tenants and landlords about withholding rent due to outstanding repairs

Tenants do not have the right to withhold rent because a landlord has failed to do repairs. If a tenant withholds rent a landlord may start possession proceedings against them and increase the risk of eviction. Find out more information and advice.


Information for property owners and squatters

Squatting is when someone deliberately enters property without permission and lives there, or intends to live there.  Anyone who originally enters a property with the permission of the landlord is not a squatter.

You can remove squatters using an interim possession order (IPO) or making a claim for possession.  Don’t try to remove the squatters yourself using force or the threat of force - you’re committing a crime if you do.

Find out more about the law on squatting

Useful Links
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  • Click here to read more about the support available for squatters
  • Click here for more information for tenants whose landlords are refusing to carry out repairs
  • Click here to read more about withholding rent because a property is in disrepair
  • For information about private renting please click here
  • For more guidance about how to remove squatters please click here
  • If you are a squatter and want to know more about your rights please click here
  • If you think someone is squatting in a council owned property please report this directly to your local council