• What does this mean for someone with a Football Banning Order?

    If you are given a Football Banning Order, you will be banned from attending football matches for a set period of time.

    You must submit a photograph of yourself to a designated police station within seven days of the order being enforced.

    If your team are playing abroad, you will need to surrender your passport for a set period of time before and after the game. You will be contacted when you need to do this.

    The conditions of the order will be specfic to the offender but often includes not being allowed to travel on the British rail network without permission of the British Transport Police.

  • How long can Football Banning Orders last?

    If you are sent to prison for a football related offence, you will be given a ban of between six and ten years from football matches. If you are convicted of a football related offence but you are not sent to prison, or if you have had a complaint brought against you, you will be given a ban of between three and five years.

  • Can you appeal?

    You can appeal the ban being enforced when you are brought before the Courts. If you are unsuccessful when the ban is enforced, you can also appeal to end your ban when two thirds of the ban has been enforced.

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