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A residential burglary is when someone enters a building such as a house, garage, shed or summer house with the intent to steal something or commit a crime.

It also includes other premises used for residential purposes such as houseboats, residential care homes and hostels.

If the burglar has a weapon, such as a gun, knife or explosive, this is classified as an aggravated residential burglary.

To get targeted advice please select from the cards below before pressing the ‘see my options’ button.
You do not have to select a card from every category. Alternatively skip to the general advice.
No information is recorded unless you choose to report this to us.
Someone has burgled the place I live
Someone has burgled a building on my land, such as a garage or shed
I think someone else's home, garage or shed has been broken into
I am worried that my property may be burgled
Your situation
This has happened more than once
I feel I've been targeted for a particular reason
I do not speak English very well
I was injured or threatened with violence
The person who did this
I think I know who did this
I don’t know who did this but I do have a description
I don't have a name or description of the person, but I have other details, such as their number plate or social media details
Someone I know has details about who did this
There is video footage or photos
There is evidence which could identify the person responsible
They left something behind
There are verbal, written or online comments
This is affecting my mental or physical health
I want to remain anonymous
I do not want to go to court
I am unsure if I can enter the property
I'm worried it may happen again