Teen jailed for burglary at pensioner’s home

A teenager who smashed his way into an elderly woman’s home – dragging her off the toilet and snatching her bracelet – has been jailed after we linked him to the burglary.

Donatus Ratkus was just 16-years-old at the time of the break-in at a detached home in Cannon Hill Road, Coventry, back in September 2018.

Due to his aged we’ve previously not been able to identify him – but we can now name Ratkus after he was jailed Warwick Crown Court on Monday (20 Sept) for four-and-a-half years.

Ratkus, now aged 19, will be deported to Lithuania when he’s served his sentence.

He was one of two thieves who hurled a brick through a rear window of the property at around midday on 22 September.

They began ransacking rooms, turning out drawers, on the hunt for cash and valuables when they heard the 86-year-old victim using a toilet.

The thugs dragged her out and yanked a bracelet from her wrist before making off.

We arrested Ratkus, of no fixed address, from an address in Newey Road seven days after the burglary.

Ratkus when arrested and on CCTV before the offence
Ratkus when arrested and on CCTV before the offence

Detectives had found blood at the scene of two more break-ins – in Greens Road and Beake Avenue, both on 14 September – which returned a DNA hit to Ratkus.

He was jailed for 27 months for those offences but, as he was aged under 18, we were unable to name him.

However, we later linked him through phone work and forensics to the raid in Cannon Hill Road and can now reveal his identity after he was jailed for that offence as an adult.

Detective Constable Chris Parry from our Force CID in Coventry, said: “This was a really nasty offence. A defenceless woman was assaulted in her own home and subjected to a terrifying ordeal.

“Ratkus had already been jailed for two other burglaries but we were determined to get justice for this lady and her family.”

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