Plea to find Johnny's body three years after he was killed in Coventry double murder

The family of a man kidnapped and murdered in Coventry have shared a further emotional plea three years after he disappeared. 

Johnny Robbins, aged 33, disappeared on 21 March 2018, we believe he was tortured before being murdered. Tragically his body has not been found which is extremely painful for his family, who have been unable to lay him to rest.

Johnny Robbins
Johnny Robbins

His family said: “Not a day goes by that Johnny isn’t missed and thought about by his family. His children, his mum, his brothers and sisters and his many friends. 

"It’s been three long, distraught years and we’re still no nearer to knowing what happened to him, why it happened or where he is. 

“However, we are confident that the Homicide team working on this case are as committed now as they were three years ago and that they will achieve justice for Johnny, Daniel Shaw and our families. 

“We would like to thank the community so much for coming forward with information. We know there’s more information out there and we plead with anyone who knows anything leading up to Johnny’s kidnapping and subsequent murder and the murder of Daniel Shaw to please come forward with what you know. Even if you think it may be insignificant, irrelevant, or that the police might already know that information, please come forward. 

“You can contact Crimestoppers, it’s completely confidential or you can write a note to a local shop or business, anything, we can’t do this without your continued help." 

Flowers to daddy
Flowers laid by Johnny's 10-year-old daughter

Johnny’s death was linked to Daniel Shaw’s murder. Daniel was found with gunshot injuries to his chest in Copland Place in the Tile Hill area on 25 March 2018.

Daniel Shaw
Daniel Shaw

We believe that before Johnny was murdered he was taken to Daniel Shaw’s home in Torrington Avenue on Wednesday 21 March 2018.

A number of people have been arrested during our ongoing and extensive investigation, for a number of offences, and have all been released while investigations continue.

We are currently working with the CPS and will soon be presenting the extensive and complex evidence we’ve gathering as part of our investigation into Johnny and Daniel’s deaths. Because of the complexity, this is likely to be a lengthy process, but we’d like to make it clear - we are still actively seeking justice for Johnny, Daniel and their families - the case remains very much active.

We do however still need your help to ensure that we have the best possible opportunity to prosecute and convict those involved. During the course of our investigation we’ve had lots of information and intelligence from the local community, but people are reluctant to do this formally. 

This can be anonymously to us, we will treat anything you tell us in confidence, or if you prefer, or via Crimestoppers.

While we understand many people are frightened to talk to us, this information could be crucial - it could help Johnny’s grieving family, including his three young children, be able to put him to rest properly. This is a heart-breaking situation this is for them to be in.

We remain as committed to securing convictions against the people who did this now as when Johnny and Daniel’s devastating murders happened.

Superintendent Chris Mallett, who leads the investigation, said: “I’d like to speak once again directly to the people of Coventry - these sickening murders happened on your streets. Streets where your families and loved ones live, these levels of violence are completely incomprehensible and should not be tolerated. It’s time to make a stand against violence like this.

“The people responsible have been protected for too long. I understand people’s fears and concerns, but I urge you to do the right thing and tell us what you know.

“Johnny and Daniel’s family and friends have been suffering for three years, there is no closure for them when there are still so many questions surrounding what happened, and those responsible are walking freely, and not paying for what they did.

Flowers left for Johnny Robbins
Tributes and flowers left for Johnny by his heart-broken family

“I’m sure these people may think they’ve got away with what they did, but I’d like them to know we’ve continued to piece together a vast amount of information and we do know who committed these murders. However, we still need those who know who was involved in this large and complicated web of criminality and deceit, to give us the information we require to secure charges against them.

“We understand and sympathise with people who are living in fear of this group, and why they are reluctant to tell us what they know formally. But together we must work together and show them it’s not acceptable in our communities.

“Please be assured that anyone who can give us information that will help us put these violent and cowardly murderers in prison will be protected by us."

Supt Mallett continued: “As well as any information you might have about the people involved in carrying out these murders, or about people who helped those involved, we desperately need to know where Johnny’s body was disposed. As I am sure you can imagine his family are desperate to be able to lay him to rest properly. I know people within the community in Tile Hill know this information and many may have heard it from others in the area. For Johnny’s family’s sake please pick up the phone, anonymously if needs be, and tell us where his remains are.

“We continue to support and update Johnny and Daniel’s families, I’d like to reaffirm my sincere condolences at this incredibly difficult and painful time. Their patience, understanding and courage is truly admirable and my thoughts remain with them as I strive to get them the answers they so desperately need. Imagine how you would feel it if were your loved one? Please help me to do this."

Anyone with any information is urged contact our homicide team via 101. Alternatively ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, tell them what you know, not who you are.

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