More than 100 distracted drivers caught using mobiles at the wheel

A staggering 115 motorists were caught using their mobile phones behind the wheel during a two-week operation.

Despite the potentially fatal consequences of being distracted while driving, dozens were seen making calls, texting or watching videos illegally rather than concentrating on the road.

We caught one particularly reckless motorist in Coventry using a banking app while driving. 

Using a phone at the wheel causes crashes
Using a phone at the wheel causes crashes

Out of the 115, the majority – 70 drivers – were seen making phone calls or texting. Studies show a driver’s reaction time is a third slower if texting compared to a drink driver.

Research has also found motorists who use their mobile phone while driving are four times more likely to crash. 

During our two-week crackdown from February 8 to 21, officers patrolling our motorway network recorded 20 offences using the Op Tramline HGV cab, an unmarked specially-adapted HGV which gives cops a clear view of all road users.

Those caught breaking the law were given penalty points and a fine or reported for summons. We also issued verbal warnings to highlight the dangers and educate motorists. 

Sgt Jon Butler, from WMP’s Road Harm Prevention Team, said: “If you’re travelling for essential reasons then ensure you keep your hands on the wheel and off the phone. Using a mobile while driving can have devastating consequences to both the driver and other road users.

“It may take only a few seconds to glance at your phone and open an app but that’s all it takes for a potentially fatal or life changing collision to unfold. Distractions can be deadly, don’t put lives at risk, put your phone away while driving.”

Members of the public are encouraged to submit dash-cam footage illustrating such illegal behaviour via the online reporting portal at website.

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