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Life-saving PCSOs hailed for bravery at awards night

A life-saving PCSO has been commended for preventing a suicidal man throwing himself in front of a train at a Coventry station.

PCSO Paul Jackson was called to Canley train station on 15 December last year following concerns from a member of the public about a man who appeared to be suffering a mental health crisis.

The 47-year-old spotted the man on the platform and tried to engage him in conversation when he suddenly sprinted off towards an incoming train.

Life-saving PCSO Paul Jackson
Life-saving PCSO Paul Jackson

“It all happened in a split-second,” recalled Paul. “I could hear the train approaching and instinctively realised I had to get hold of the man or the outcome could be tragic.

“I chased him down the platform, managed to catch up with him and of half rugby-tackle and half shove him away from the platform edge to a wall where I pinned him until help arrived.

“The man was sectioned under the Mental Health Act for an assessment and support. I don’t know what happened to the gentleman after that…but I hope he’s making a recovery and is in a better place.”

Paul was commended during the Coventry Police Awards night yesterday (2 Dec) alongside other colleagues who’ve also made outstanding contributions to policing and public safety in the city.

Two other PCSOs also received commendations during the ceremony for helping a mum and her young daughter escape from a house fire.

PCSOs Louie Parker-Hall – who is now a Coventry PC – and Louis Saravanamuttu were patrolling in Boswell Drive at 8pm on 26 July when they spotted smoke rising from a property.

Louie Parker-Hall receiving his commendation from Coventry Police Commander Mike O'Hara
Louie Parker-Hall receiving his commendation from Coventry Police Commander Mike O'Hara

Initially they suspected it was a BBQ but the seriousness of the situation quickly became apparent when a woman yelled to them that her two-year-old daughter was upstairs in the house.

PCSO Saravanamuttu ran upstairs and took hold of the child while 24-year-old PC Parker-Hall checked downstairs to ensure no-one was trapped and tried to tackle the chip pan blaze with a fire extinguisher from their police car. 

The heat was so intense that they eventually fled through the back door into the garden and were helped to safety by neighbours.  

PCSO Saravanamuttu – who has since moved on from Coventry Police – and PC Parker-Hall both received Coventry Police Commander Commendations for their bravery.

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