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#HumansofWMP: Nick Clare, police staff investigator, Project Guardian

Experiencing something so drastic made me re-evaluate how important a decent work-life balance is.

#HumansofWMP: Nick Clare, police staff investigator, Project Guardian
#HumansofWMP: Nick Clare, police staff investigator, Project Guardian

My son was 16 when he went to the doctors with tiredness and a rash. After a few weeks he was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia – a disease where the body’s immune system shuts down the bone marrow that produces new blood.

He went on a waiting list for a stem cell donor. A match was found and the donation went well but then he had an adverse reaction to one of the blood by-products he needed. He went into anaphalactic shock, had epileptic fits and nearly died three times.

Eventually he went ahead with a second donation which went well.

I reviewed my career as a designer and thought how few opportunities I had to make a difference. In that job there was no such thing as a real emergency.

When I saw the role of police staff investigator (PSI), I thought that I could help people who needed it, so I made the move.

The role of PSI sits between that first contact and primary investigation. It’s our job to assess the facts given, determine which crime may have been committed, how it can be proven and provide next steps for both the caller and the force.  We can take on tasks that mean that officers can get on with more of what they are good at.

When my family needed help, it was the emergency services that helped us through.

Now when I have helped someone practically, emotionally or both, I can go home at the end of a shift knowing “I helped someone who needed help today.”

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