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#Humans of WMP: Amie Njie-Sowe, Admin Officer

From Banjul to Birmingham - Meet Amie Njie-Sowe who shares her story about the importance of fasting during Ramadan.  

“I was born in the Gambia in the city of Banjul. I grew up in a big family home with a lot of other family members.

On my first day of school I took part in a march that passed in front of the president and members of parliament on Independence Day. I was so excited to have been chosen I slept with my new shoes on all night.

My mum was a stay at home mum and looked after the family. My dad worked hard and made sure we never went without. They were over the moon when I got accepted at West London College in 1991 and when my dad paid my fees and the air tickets were confirmed, the look on their faces was something I will never forget.


I was brought up as a Muslim, I grew up seeing my grandparents and parent praying five times a day reading the Quran teaching us its values. 
My faith is what got me through when I left my entire family and came to the UK to go to college. 

Though I had other family members living in the UK I had never felt so lonely. I stayed focused and kept my faith close to me. This has helped me with my admin work in with West Midlands Police.

I fast because fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. When I fast I feel cleansed inside and out. It makes me think about those without, a thought which is always in my mind as one of our force’s values is to offer friendship and service.

My whole family fast including the children as they are all teenagers now and have been practicing when they were younger. I am very proud of them.
My faith is simple and not what a lot of people perceive it to be. It is peaceful and comforting.”

Humans of WMP. Telling the story of West Midlands Police one story at a time.