Combat knife seized from teenager in Sutton Coldfield

We seized a combat knife from a teenager in Sutton Coldfield as we responded to concerns of youth violence in the town.

Officers from our Project Guardian – a team dedicated to tackling under-25s violence – were in Sutton on Friday following a number of after-school disorders involving weapons in recent days.

They were there to deter offences and to reassure the public.

At 3.30pm they stopped and searched a teenager in Newhall Walk who was found in possession of a large combat knife and a significant quantity of cannabis.

A 15-year-old was later charged with knife possession and drug dealing.

Around an hour later officers stopped a teenager after they noticed he was wearing a balaclava rolled up around his forehead.

Wearing a balaclava when the temperature is around 20-degrees is quite suspicious so officers stopped the 16-year-old for a search.

Another teenager approached the officers and interfered with the search.

He matched the description of a male identified by shopping centre security staff as being linked to the previous disorders and who may be in possession of a knife.

The teenager did not comply with officers and had his hands placed near his waistband.

As the 17-year-old ignored officers' instructions he was struck to the leg and taken to the ground for a search. No weapons were found on this teenager and he was later released.

Video footage of the incident has been circulated on social media. We will be reviewing all evidence, including officers’ body-worn video and CCTV, for consideration over a professional standards department assessment.

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