Campaign launched to raise awareness around forced marriage

This week we’ve launched a new campaign to raise awareness around forced marriage and honour-based abuse.

With travel restrictions changing, we’re conscious that some people may be feeling worried about themselves - or someone they know - feeling under pressure to be married when they really don’t want to be. 

Forced marriage

If one or both people do not truly consent to a marriage where pressure, abuse, threats, violence, coercion or deception may be used, this is a forced marriage and it is against the law. Once married, other offences can also occur such as rape, as sexual intercourse without consent (even if you are married) is rape.

We have worked with Darlaston youth centre in Walsall to create some new artwork and a video which aims to raise awareness and signpost people to advice and support which is available for anyone who may be at risk of a forced marriage or they know someone who needs help.

We really do appreciate how difficult it is for victims to speak out against who is often their family who is putting them at risk − but we have specially trained officers who will guide and support victims to help free them from forced marriages or take action to prevent one occurring.

We also know forced marriage is not just specific to one community and knows no boundaries in terms of culture, class, religion, wealth, geography, gender or class. We’re committed to supporting victims and working with affected communities to prevent forced marriage.

forced marriage

We work with a range of partner agencies and communities to identify the signs and do more to give victims the choices they so desperately need.

If you or someone you know needs help or support you can contact the West Midlands forced marriage helpline which is open 24/7 on 0800 953 9777.

More advice and support can be found here:…

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