Award for 'full-time' police volunteer

A volunteer who became a 'full-time officer' to help policing during the pandemic has been named as our Special Constable of the Year.

Paul Yeomans took on the same shifts as regular officers as we sought to stop criminals while ensuring CoVID rules were also being followed.  

He covered more than 1,000 hours in the 12 months up to March 2021 and was involved in a number of pursuits and footchases. It led to the recovery of guns, knives, drugs and stolen cars along with suspects being arrested.

Receiving his award
WMP's Special Constable of the Year Paul Yeomans receives his award

The 36-year-old has been a Special for seven years and decided to take on the same weekly hours as standard officers when the leisure centre he worked at was closed during lockdown.

Paul - who is based with the traffic unit - said: "I really enjoy being a Special and wanted to use the time to help, as even though it was a pandemic, crime was still being committed across the West Midlands.

"As a team we routinely monitor key road networks across the region in order to stop criminals from accessing these to commit offences, and in the last year there were a number of pursuits, footchases and significant recoveries.

"By taking on a more full-time role I was further involved in ongoing operations to tackle burglary and car thefts through Operation Cantil. We've had some real success in targeting those suspected of being part of crime groups hunting high value cars."

The father-of-two is now back in the day job but continuing to dedicate as many hours as he can to being a volunteer.  

"I always wanted to become an officer when growing up but I also enjoy my day job so I am fortunate I get the best of both worlds," he said. 

"I have an interest in cars and motorbikes so this role in traffic is ideal for me. 

Special Constable of the Year Paul Yeomans

"You get a lot of satisfaction from being a Special and I am as enthusiastic now as when I first joined. 

"There's never a day when I think to myself I don't want to go in, and that's because of the variety of work and my policing colleagues.

"I was shocked to receive the recent Special Constable of the Year award but it was an honour. There are many others who give up lots of their free time too and I consider this an award on behalf of us all.”

Our much-valued Specials have the same powers as regular officers and also wear the same uniform.

They volunteer at least 16 hours a month but times are flexible and play a crucial role alongside our officers and staff.

You can also join Paul and others in making a difference as a Special. We're looking to boost our numbers and you could even be part of policing the Commonwealth Games. 

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