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Stars of Summer - PC Neil McCormack

Coventry PC Neil McCormack

PC Neil McCormack has served his country in uniform for more than 42 years having spent 17 years in the Army before joining West Midlands Police in 1992.

Neil McCormack postcardHe’s a familiar face in the Woodlands, Wainbody & Westwood neighbourhood of Coventry − it’s been his patch for 12 years.

Neil’s principled, caring and professional approach to police work has earned the trust and respect of many local families. In fact, he even delayed his own retirement to help a family whose son had gone off the rails − and support him back into full-time education.

He’s now due to retire at the end of the year − unless he has another police calling!

Star Quality: Neil has helped set-up a community pop-up café scheme designed to bring people together, break down barriers and share crime prevention advice.