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Gun crime across the West Midlands has fallen dramatically over the last ten years.

In the 12 months between April 2014 and end of March 2015 there have been 513 gun crime incidents.

One of the changes to tackling gun crime which has helped this reduction has been the creation of the National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS).

NABIS works with police forces across the UK to tackle gun crime. The scientific experts based across the country in four state-of-the-art labs analyse ballistic material found at crime scenes to build up a pattern of firearms offences and trends.

The intelligence gathered is then used to identify individuals who actively import, store and supply illegal firearms. It can also track down the people involved in illegally converting or adapting firearms.

NABIS have helped to co-ordinate firearms surrender campaigns in police forces across England and Wales. They also work to influence changes in firearms legislation.

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