The Birmingham Commonwealth Games will take between 28 July and 7 August 2022. It will be the biggest sporting and cultural to be held in the West Midlands, with thousands of people taking part or watching it.

We are responsible for the security of the event. It will be the biggest operation in our history.

We will have over 3000 officers involved from all our departments such as:

  • firearms
  • drones
  • traffic
  • counter terrorism

Officers from other forces will also join us.

We’re working with:

  • all the venues and locations
  • the organising committee
  • other partners

To ensure we provide a world class level of security. Our plans include using the very latest in cutting edge security technology. Above all else, our aim is to ensure the Games are a safe and secure spectacle for everyone involved.

You can keep up to date with our plans by following us on Twitter. You can also sign up to receive updates from us via WMNow.

If you’d like to find out more about the event, visit the West Midlands Police Commonwealth Games site.


Watch this video to find out more about our operation:

Download a copy of the video transcript.

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