On this page you can find:

  • the current social restrictions
  • how to report a potential breach of social restrictions
  • how we’ll enforce the social restrictions
  • how we’ll respond to non-coronavirus incidents
  • what a support bubble is and how you create one

Our response

At the moment, a lot of people are trying to call us, so our call wait times are much longer than usual.

You can still contact us by:

•    searching for advice or reporting incidents online any time
•    using our live chat service between 8am to midnight 

The wait time is often less than calling us.

What are the current social restrictions?

England is currently on step three of the route out of national lockdown.

To find out what you can and cannot do, visit the government website.


How do I report a potential breach of the social restrictions?

To report a breach of the social restrictions to us, use the national online reporting form.

How we’ll enforce the social restrictions

Officers and PCSOs will be visible in your community to make sure everybody is following the social distancing restrictions.
The social distancing restrictions apply to everybody. We trust that everyone will follow the advice and work with us to keep you safe.

If a person, gathering, or business is found in breach of the restrictions, we will:

  • talk to them and help them understand the new restrictions
  • explain the new guidance and ask them to comply as soon as possible
  • make it clear that we are dealing with a national health emergency and they must obey
  • reinforce the importance of complying so that their actions and behaviours do not harm others
  • remind them that the measures are here to protect our NHS, our country and in particular the vulnerable

As a last resort, failure to comply will mean we’ll use our powers. We have the power to:

  • disperse gatherings of three or more people who aren’t from the same household/support bubble
  • remove a person from a gathering to their home
  • close any premises which are required to be closed under the legislation
  • issue a fixed penalty notice of £100
  • issue a fixed penalty notice of £200 for second time offenders, doubling on each further repeat offence up to £6,400
  • issue a £10,000 fine for anyone facilitating or organising illegal raves, unlicensed music events, or any other unlawful gathering of more than 30 people
  • If someone does not pay their fixed penalty notice, they could go to court, where magistrates can impose an unlimited fine
  • If someone refuses to comply, they will be acting unlawfully, and we may arrest them where deemed necessary and proportionate in the circumstances.

What’s a support bubble?

A support bubble is a close network, between someone who lives on their own, and another household of any size.

Once the single person joins up with the household, they create the support bubble. This essentially means the single person is part of the household, and can have close contact with other members of the household.

You must follow social distancing guidelines with people outside your bubble. You must also not change who is in your bubble.

There are some exceptions to this though, mainly around shared custody of children, and if carers live with you. 

To find out who can create a support bubble, and the rules around creating one, visit the government website.


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