Our aim

Project Servator aims to disrupt criminal activity, including terrorism.

We do this using specially trained officers. They’re trained to spot someone who could be about to commit a crime.

What you can expect to see

We will patrol different places without warning, with officers in uniform and not in uniform.

We could also use:

  • armed officers
  • officers from our dog unit
  • Drones team

Or we could work with the British Transport Police.

These patrols will see us stay for different lengths of time. We will talk to you and remind you to:

  • stay vigilant 
  • trust your instincts
  • report any unusual behaviour

You might see posters about Project Servator, and we could hand out leaflets to you explaining this.

These patrols will be visible, but do not worry if you see us in your area. There’s nothing to be concerned about and there’s no threat to you.

Feel free to talk to our officers if you see us. Working with you is vital to make Project Servator a success.


Officers walking in different supermarkets


What we need from you

You’ve got an important role to play. You can keep all of us safe by reporting something that does not look right. This could be an unattended item, or someone acting unusually.

You will not get in trouble for reporting a genuine concern, and we’ll always take reports seriously.

If you do see anything suspicious:

  • tell an officer in the area
  • call the anti-terrorist hotline. Their number is 0800 789 321

If it’s an emergency, call us on 999.

You can find out what to look for, and more ways you can report it, by visiting our Action Counters Terrorism page.


Together, we’ve got it covered

We believe that, “together, we’ve got it covered.” What this means is that we work with you and other police forces to make it difficult for criminals and terrorists to operate.

This means that we can continue to ensure our region is safe, for anyone who lives, works or visits it.


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We also use social media to share information about our successes. Search #ProjectServator on Twitter.



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