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Meaning theft, burglary and leaving without payment

Meaning damage to buildings, property and vehicles - please note this does not include damage caused by a road traffic collision. For further advice on what to do in the case of a road traffic collision please click here.

If you know the suspect and they are local, or a vehicle is involved, please Call 101.

For issues such as online scams or viruses (Cyber Crime) or fraud, attempted fraud (inc Identity Fraud), where the offender is unknown to you, please report to

For issues such as rowdy neighbours, noise problems, animal problems, street drinking, vandalism, abandoned vehicles and environmental issues or for waste disposal please contact your

For incidents not included in the above categories please

Meaning incidents involving a vehicle that has caused minor damage/injury to persons, animals, other vehicles or property.

Please note, you cannot currently report a road traffic collision online, we are looking to add this option in the near future. However to find out what you should do