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Changes to our website

What’s changed on your website?

You can now search for custom advice on a range of incidents and lots more by using the new “What if…” search bar.

In addition, you can now report certain incidents online and if you do, you will also be able to track the progress of your case online as well. If you have a query or a question, type it in the’ What if’ search bar and we will hopefully be able to help you.

Why did you change it?

The new site has been developed in response to the huge appetite from members of the public who want us to ‘go digital’.

We have responded to this by changing from an information based news site, to a transactional service based site, where you can get help, advice and support at a time and on a device convenient to you.

Is this replacing 101 or 999?

No. The website is an additional channel to contact us. It is not replacing our traditional methods of contact, i.e. by phone or by a visiting a police station.

When did the website change?

The new site went live on Thursday 27 July 2017.

Why did you launch this as a BETA site?

We launched this a BETA / test service because we want you to help shape the future of the site. We want you to tell us what you like and don’t like so that we can develop the features you want. This is your site, so help us help you!

Will information be available in other languages?

Not at the current time. Home Office guidance only requires the internet site to be in English.

Is this replacing Facewatch?

Facewatch is still in use and is an important way that businesses can share information with us about suspected offenders, as well as you to help us identify who those suspected offenders might be. The online reporting facility doesn’t replace any other channel for crime reporting, but compliments it.

Your account

Why can’t I use my WMNow account details to log in to your site?

WMNow and the new West Midlands Police website are two separate websites that require different usernames and passwords. If you would like to sign up to WMNow, which gives updates about crime, safety advice and road closures in your area, visit the dedicated WMNow website.

I want to have an account but can’t see how to create one?

You do not need to have an account to use the website. You will only be prompted to create an account if you have report an incident online.

I reported an incident over the phone or in a police station. Can I track my case online?

No. At the moment only cases that are reported online can be tracked online. However we are looking to further develop this functionality in the future.

I have an account and have created a password but it still won’t let me log in to the site?

In order to sign in to your account you will have also had to click the link in our validation email that confirms your account creation. Please ensure you do this before attempting to sign in.

What do you do with my information?

By providing your details and creating a West Midlands Police account you will be able to report incidents online, upload evidence, and track the progress of your incident at any time. We will only use your information to contact you in relation to your case and we will never share your personal details with any other parties without your prior permission.

Site security

Is your website secure?

The West Midlands Police website is a secure and safe environment which conforms to all UK and international standards. The information stored by our website is held within UK data centres, operated by UK government security-cleared staff.

Why can’t I access your website on certain devices?

The security of your data and personal information is our number one priority. In order to align with industry best practice for website security we have disabled support for the TLS 1.1 encryption protocol as of July 2020.

The vast majority of users wouldn’t have noticed any difference, however this change may have affected a very small number of people using older devices or browsers.

To make sure you do not experience any problems accessing the website, and to ensure you remain secure online, we always encourage you to keep your operating system and browser up to date. To find out how to do this visit your operating system or browser’s website.

Online reporting

I am entering my crime or incident number in the search bar but it’s not showing any results. Why is this the case?

In order to track the progress of your case you need to have reported the incident online, created a password and clicked the account validation link in the email we sent you. You can then use your email address and password to sign in and see any progress.

Why can I only report a small number of incidents online?

This site is in BETA mode. What this means is that we are collecting feedback from you as we develop the site. We have been asked about being able to report more incidents online, and we will hopefully be able to expand the number of incidents in the near future. You can see the incident reporting page for further information.

How can I submit additional evidence to support my case?

If you reported your incident online you can then use your email address and password to sign in and upload any additional files you may have. If you did not report the incident online or have any problems with your evidence please email and include your crime reference number in the email.

My incident report has been dealt with and has been closed, however I have found new evidence. Can I reopen my report and upload the evidence?

No, currently only a West Midlands Police employee can reopen an incident that has been closed. If you are in this situation please email explaining that you now have additional evidence and would like your incident reopened. Remember to include your Online Incident Report (OIR) number in your email. We will notify you when it has been reopened and you will be able to sign into Track My Case and upload your evidence.

Searching the site

How can I find my local neighbourhood team?

If you put your postcode in the ‘Find your local police’ search box on the homepage, you will be taken to your neighbourhood team. You can find it below the red banner on the home page.

How can I find my local police station?

If you know the name of your station you can search for it using the search bar, alternately you can use the interactive map on the contact us page, or look at the A-Z list.

I am using the search bar to look for help but it’s showing no results, or is showing me results that are not relevant. Why is this?

As part of the BETA we have been analysing site usage and collating user feedback. One of the areas we realise that we need to improve is the search engine. We will be improving this function shortly, however in the meantime try simplifying your search query or check our Advice A-Z.

Where can I find the latest news?

The news is still on the front page, however it is at the bottom. Alternatively, you can click ‘Latest News’ under the What’s Happening section in the menu on the top right hand corner of the page.

Live Chat

What is the Live Chat function?

Our Live Chat function gives members of the public an alternative way to contact us and talk to one of our Contact Advisors in real-time.

What can I do on the Live Chat?

Our advisor will be able to help you navigate the website, answer any questions or queries you have, as well as take incident reports.

Is there anything I shouldn’t use the Live Chat for?

Do not use the chat function if you believe there is an emergency or an immediate threat to life, please call 999 immediately.

When is Live Chat available?

You can find out the operating hours of our Live Chat facility on the Contact Us page.

How do I access the chat function?

You can access Live Chat by clicking the button on the right hand side of the screen. There may be times when we are busy that the option may be temporarily unavailable.

What data is collected on the Live Chat?

This chat service is permission based. Before a chat begins, no data is collected about you beyond the information which websites usually collect. Once an invitation is accepted, all chats are monitored for quality assurance purposes and any information gathered is for internal use only.

Before a chat begins you will be asked for your name so our Contact Advisor can talk to you, and you can also provide a telephone number and email address if you choose to do so.

The information you provide using the chat service will be subject to police scrutiny. Any information found to be false or misleading will render you liable to prosecution.

You can find out more on our Privacy Notice page.

Can I keep a copy of the Live Chat conversation?

Yes. At the end of the chat you have the option to send yourself a transcript of the chat to your email address.


How can I feedback on the website?

We would really like to know what you think about the website. Good or bad, your experience will help shape the website. If you would like to give feedback on the site, for example if you thought the advice given to you was wrong or if you could not find the answer to your problem, we would love to hear from you.

Each page on the website has a feedback button that you can press and rate the page and its contents. Alternatively please visit our feedback page.