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Requesting a Response from WMP

Subject to the following criteria, we are willing to action enquiries that are received from other Forces, including the conducting of substantial interviews, if necessary. -
Our Policy dictates that officers will not be deployed to make follow-up enquiries in order to:

-Obtain witness statements on behalf of other forces unless there are exceptional circumstances. If there is a significant reason why the OIC cannot do this and alternative methods (ie telephone statements) are not possible you must supply a rationale. Those making such requests should be advised that in the absence of exceptional circumstances they can take the statement themselves over the telephone as circulated in national CPS guidance.
-Check driving documents.
-Report offenders, including companies, for traffic offences.
-Establish ownership of a vehicle.
-Confirm a driver had permission granted by owner.
-Complete any other enquiry where deployment of an officer cannot be justified.

In the case of our own internal enquiries in categories 3,4 and 5, we utilise a ‘defendant questionnaire’ which is posted to the respective party. This Policy has been created to release officers from tasks that can be easily carried out by post.

If your enquiry is in one of the classifications listed above, no further action will been taken.


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