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Complaint form

West Midlands Police officers and staff act professionally and with honesty and integrity, but we can, on occasion, get it wrong.

You can make a complaint if:

  • You are the person who the behaviour you want to complain about was directed towards.
  • You were 'adversely affected'* by the behaviour you want to complain about.
  • You witnessed the behaviour that you want to complain about (this usually means you were an eyewitness, and not for example that you saw it on TV).
  • Alternatively, if you have their written permission, you might make a complaint on behalf of someone else who falls into one of those categories.

*A person is adversely affected if he or she suffers any form of loss or damage, distress or inconvenience, if he or she is put in danger or is otherwise unduly put at risk of being adversely affected. A person cannot be a complainant by claiming to be adversely affected if he or she has only seen or heard the conduct or its alleged effects unless

  • He or she was physically present or sufficiently near-by when the conduct took place or effects occurred that he or she could see or hear the conduct or its effects; or
  • He or she was adversely affected because (or it was aggravated by the fact that) he or she already knew the person in relation to whom the conduct took place. (IPCC Guidlines)

If you have a complaint about a member of staff working for West Midlands Police or about the service provided, you can complete the following form.

Your complaint should include:

  • When it happened
  • What happened
  • What was done
  • What was said
  • Whether there were any witnesses
  • Where the witnesses can be contacted
  • What proof exists of any damage or injury

Please note - We cannot handle operational issues or crime reporting via this form. If you need to contact a police officer and your enquiry is non-urgent please call 101. We can only deal with complaints relating to this force. If your complaint is against another force or organisation, then you should contact them directly.

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