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50% off SelectaDNA Kits

We have teamed up with Selecta DNA to offer residents in the West Midlands 50% off a selection of SelectaDNA property marking kits – this also includes free postage and packaging!

All you need to do to get the discount code is sign up to our FREE WMNow alert system.

The discount applies to the following kits:

  • SelectaDNA Home Kit
  • SelectaDNA Vehicle Kit
  • SelectaDNA Van & Commercial Vehicle
  • SelectaDNA Off Road and 4x4 Kit
  • SelectaDNA Classic Car Kit
  • SelectaDNA Motorbike, Scooter & Moped Kit 
  • SelectaDNA Off Road & Quad Bike Kit
  • SelectaDNA Motorhome & Caravan Kit
  • SelectaDNA Marine Kit
  • SelectaDNA Trailer Kit
  • SelectaDNA Fine Art & Jewellery Kit
  • SelectaDNA Rural Kit
  • SelectaDNA Plant & Machinery Kit
  • SelectaDNA Tools & Equipment Kit
  • SelectaDNA Angling Kit
  • SelectaDNA Golf Kit
  • SelectaDNA Music Kit
  • SelectaDNA Equestrian Kit

Join your neighbours and be part of WMNow for updates on positive police action in your community, help us identify suspected or wanted criminals and learn about community groups, events and meetings in your area.

Forensic marking…what is it?

It sounds complicated…but we promise it isn’t!  ‘Forensic’ might give you visions of men and women in lab coats, and all those documentaries you see on TV.  But in fact, it’s nothing like this – just a clever little pot of fluid that takes minutes to apply and can protect your property from burglars.

Police approved forensic marking solutions are only visible under ultraviolet (UV) light. It can be applied using a special marker using ink or paint. The solution is identical in composition to the natural DNA found in every living organism, meaning it is completely safe to use.

Items that can be marked using forensic solution include:

  • Phones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • TVs
  • Tools
  • Musical instruments
  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Motorbikes
  • Jewellery


Track 'n' Trace

Over the next few months officers and PCSOs from West Midlands Police will be visiting a number of areas across the West Midlands to offer residents free SelectaDNA property marking kits, under a new initiative called Track ‘n’ Trace’.

There are lots of benefits to consider if you are offered one of the free kits:

  • Forensic marking makes your property less attractive to potential thieves
  • It’s is harder to sell on if it is stolen
  • It’s easier for you to be reunited with your property if it is recovered



As part of the Track ‘n’ Trace project, WMP are offering homeowners in certain areas a free SelectaDNA forensic marking kit.

Our PCSOs and officers will be visiting people’s homes and showing them how to use the kit, as well as offering other valuable crime prevention advice. Homeowners can accept the free kit at the door and apply the forensic marking themselves, or our officers will be happy come in, if invited, and show homeowners how to use and register the kit there and then.

What's in the kit?

In the kit


  • Instruction sheet 
  • Bottle of SelectaDNA fluid
  • Applicator
  • Window stickers
  • Warning stickers for marked items
  • Membership card with registration details on


What do you do with it?

Step 1 - Use SelectaDNA to mark and protect your property. The kits are easy to use, all you do is dab a small amount of the DNA fluid and uniquely coded micro dot onto your property.

Step 2 - Put signs up to show that your home or business is protected.

Step 3 - Register your unique DNA code on the secure database. Details of this website are in the kit.

What happens next?

What happens next


Nothing…hopefully, as the signage you have displayed in your windows and the stickers on your belongings should deter most thieves. However if unfortunately your property is stolen and later recovered, police will scan the item with a UV torch. If they see a mark, they will send this off for analysis. The DNA is looked at under a microscope and the details printed on these tiny dots are checked against the database to identify the owner - meaning you should be reunited with your property.


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