Robbery and Theft

Being robbed can be very traumatising and cause a great deal of inconvenience when items such as bank cards or mobile phones are stolen. It’s also very upsetting for victims who lose sentimental items that are often kept in a bag or purse such as treasured photographs or keepsakes from relatives.

Careful drivers, Check their fob has done its job

Here are a few tips to help keep you and your belongings safe this winter:

  • Be aware of who is around you at the cash point. Use the machine inside a bank or building society if possible and alert bank staff to any suspicious activity
  • Don’t let headphones restrict your ability to hear traffic, strangers or potential trouble
  • Never leave your mobile phone in plain sight on a bar or restaurant table. It may be within your reach but it will also be within reach of a thief
  • Don’t hang your handbag on the back of a chair, out of your sight under a table or leave it unattended. It takes a matter of seconds for valuable contents, such as your mobile phone or purse, to be gone
  • Working on your laptop in a coffee shop? Keep all of your electronic devices together in one place and put them away safely when not in use

Selecta DNA offer a property marking kit for Fine Art & Jewellery so if you wear valuable jewellery we advise that you mark this. You can get 50% off this kit by signing up to our FREE WMNow alert service - the discount code can be found in your welcome email. 

Track your smart phone or tablet computer

  • Tracker applications use your device’s internet connection and in-built global positioning system to plot the location of your phone or tablet
  • In many instances, the tracker application is free and already pre-loaded to your smartphone or tablet, it just needs to be activated. Find out how to do this by visiting Techadvisor.
  • The application can assist the user and the police in tracking a stolen device and sometimes even allows remote activation of the device’s camera to capture the face and surroundings of a thief.
  • Always let the officer dealing with your theft know that you have traced your device

If you would like to read more advice, or if you need to report something being stolen to us, visit our dedicated page

Vehicle Crime

Careful drivers, Don't leave their to car to defrost alone

Thieves are opportunists, looking for an easy way to steal items of value from an unlocked or unattended vehicle. This could be cash left on display, a sat nav from the glovebox, a mobile phone from the dashboard or perhaps tools kept overnight in a work van.

Don’t give car criminals an easy ride - remove it or lose it!

Here are a few additional tips to help keep you and your vehicle safe this winter:

  • Check your fob has done its job -  don’t assume your vehicle is secure, always check doors are locked before you walk away
  • Take your dash cam or sat nav with you when leaving your vehicle, remove the cradle and wipe away tell-tale suction pad marks
  • Never leave valuables in the glove box as this is the first place thieves will look
  • Don’t leave shopping on view in your vehicle - lock everything in the boot, out of sight
  • Fit an alarm or immobiliser
  • If you have a garage, use it for your vehicle

One of the most effective ways to stop someone stealing your vehicle (keyless or not) is to use a steering wheel lock. That way even if thieves manage to open your car door they won’t be able to drive your vehicle away. We’ve partnered with Disklok, who are offering a 15% on their products exclusively to drivers in the West Midlands Police area. To get the discount sign up to our FREE WMNow alert service - the discount code can be found in your welcome email. 

Selecta DNA offer a property marking kit for many different types of vehicle:

  • SelectaDNA Vehicle Kit
  • SelectaDNA Van & Commercial Vehicle Kit
  • SelectaDNA Off Road and 4x4 Kit
  • SelectaDNA Classic Car Kit
  • SelectaDNA Motorbike, Scooter & Moped Kit
  • SelectaDNA Off Road & Quad Bike Kit
  • SelectaDNA Motorhome & Caravan Kit
  • SelectaDNA Trailer Kit

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Frosty morning warning don’t make your car cosy for criminals

  • Every year, vehicles are stolen from driveways and outside homes when owners leave them to warm up with the key in the ignition.  Never, ever do this
  • Car thieves watch the weather forecast too and will be out early in the morning on the lookout for vehicles left unattended
  • High value vehicles are often targeted in this way as their advanced security technology makes them difficult to steal unless they already have the engine running and the key in the ignition
  • Stay with your vehicle and if you’re in a rush, use de-icing spray and a scraper to speed up the process
  • Sit inside your vehicle while the heater de-mists the windscreen
  • Your insurance may not pay out if you are in any way deemed responsible for the theft

If you would like to read more advice, or if you need to report something being stolen from a vehicle, visit our dedicated page.


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