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Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is happening in the West Midlands – we need your help to put a stop to it.

It can include human trafficking, slavery, forced labour, and domestic servitude.

Victims brought from overseas and vulnerable UK nationals are forced to illegally work against their will in different industries, including:

  • brothels
  • cannabis farms
  • nail bars
  • farms

Signs to look out for include:

  • Several adults who are not related living at a single address
  • People being regularly collected very early in the morning and/or returned late at night
  • Signs of injury, malnourishment and a general unkempt appearance
  • Isolation from the rest of the community
  • People who live and work at the same address under poor conditions
  • Women kept within houses where there are large numbers of male visitors

Information from the community, no matter how small or insignificant can play a vital role in tackling modern slavery. If you see something suspicious call police on 101 or the independent charity, Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Slavery: Can include bonded labour, child slavery such as child labour and trafficking, early and forced marriage, forced labour, descent-based slavery and trafficking.

Child trafficking: Young people (under 18) are moved around the country so they can be exploited.

Debt bondage: Victims are forced to work to pay off debts. These debts are often built up by travelling to their place of exploitation. There is no real prospect of paying off the debt.

Forced labour: Victims are forced to work against their will. They often work very long hours for little or no pay in dire conditions and with verbal and physical threats made to them.

Sexual exploitation: Victims are forced to work in the sex industry against their will.

Criminal exploitation: Victims are controlled and mistreated and forced into criminal acts such as cannabis growing and theft.

Domestic servitude: Victims are forced to carry out housework and domestic chores in private houses for little or no pay.Their movement is restricted with very little free time or privacy given to them, often sleeping where they work.

Useful contacts

UK Modern Slavery Helpline
08000 121 700

The Salvation Army
24-hour confidential referral helpline 0300 303 8151

Stop the Traffick
0207 921 4258

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