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Shop Theft

This is not just shoplifting…

Retail crime is often viewed as a ‘victimless’ crime – it isn’t. Not only can it have a detrimental effect on shop staff who are threatened or subjected to physical violence, shop thieves are usually criminals involved in other crime such as burglary, robbery, drug dealing and car crime.

Shop Theft

Shop theft is more common than you might think, accounting for one in 10 of all crimes committed in the West Midlands.

So next time someone offers you a cheap deal on goods you suspect may have been stolen, take a minute to think about the consequences before you buy…

It isn’t just cheap meat… it is meat stolen from a supermarket being sold to fund somebody’s drug habit, which will increase drug dealing, crime and anti-social behaviour in your street.

It isn’t just cheap cheese or vodka… it is cheese or vodka stolen from the local shop where you buy your milk and papers that has had to shut down due to constant theft.

It isn’t just a cheap smartphone… it is a smartphone stolen from a shop, which could get you more jail time for handling stolen goods than the thief might get for theft.

They’re not just cheap cigarettes… they are cigarettes stolen in an armed robbery which left somebody’s dad with serious injuries and someone else’s sister scared to go back to work.

Buying goods cheaply from shoplifters affects more than just the shop:

  • Crime and anti-social behaviour goes up in your area
  • Drug problems in your neighbourhood increase
  • Local stores have to close
  • Staff in the shop are affected badly

This is not just shoplifting.

Tell us where stolen goods are being sold and who is selling them.

Call police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously with information on 0800 555 111.

Shop Theft

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