Insurance companies making requests for information

If you are from an insurance company and are asking for clarification of a West Midlands Police crime number, it is usually the force code followed by numbers, then finished with the year. For example 20/123456/21. If your query relates to a crime number that is not prefixed with 20, this does not relate to West Midlands Police and needs to be directed to the correct force. Requests for this information will be deleted.

If you are from an insurance company seeking clarification that an incident has been reported or asking for a log number, these requests are not compliant with the memorandum of understanding which you are required to comply with paying particular regard to sections 3,4&5 and such requests will be deleted.

In the majority of cases disclosure will only be provided once the police investigation and any court proceedings have been finalised. As such please allow at least 12 weeks before making a request or alternatively confirm with your client that the matter has been dealt with, they will have been provided with written confirmation.

In addition once a request has been submitted please do not submit duplicate requests, this slows down the process and impacts on our ability to respond. Once a request has been submitted should you wish to chase up progress you can do so via the e-mail address below, please clearly identify that it is a secondary request and provide the date of the original submission. If you have already been provided with a reference number please provide this in the subject line.

If you need further clarification, or if you still need to make a request, email the Compliance and Disclosure Unit.

Requesting Collision Reports

The Traffic Process Office investigates Road Traffic Collisions and allegations of poor driving standards and can provide traffic reports to solicitors and insurance companies on request.

How can I request disclosure of information in relation to a Road Traffic Collision?

The process for requesting disclosure from West Midlands Police in relation to road traffic collisions is as below:

  1. Requests for disclosure can only be made via the Disclosure Request form by completing all relevant information. To complete the form, download it (if you are using Internet Explorer, please select the ‘Save’ option if the file does not automatically download).
  2. A search fee is payable in relation to all requests for disclosure.
  3. Payment must now be made via BACS.

On receipt of your request you will be provided with a unique reference number to facilitate payment of the search fee. We will also give you our BACS details.

The reference will be in the format TPO/XXXXX/18 or CMPG/XXXXX/18.

Please note, failure to include this unique reference number as part of the BACS payment process will significantly impact on WMP’s ability to process your request and will inevitably lead to delays. 

All correspondence, where possible will be via e-mail. Please ensure you provide a valid e-mail address with your request.

Please note, we are currently dealing with a significant volume of disclosure requests and are currently working to clear a backlog of initial requests. We will then be focusing on the cases where payments have been made and ensuring disclosure is provided as soon as possible. Please bear with us during this difficult period.

To assist us please ensure that the reference number we provide is utilised when making the BACS payment, failure to follow this process will lead to more delays.

We apologise for any inconvenience at this time.


How can I contact WMP in relation to a disclosure of information query?

If the collision occurred on the motorway network email this address.

For all other collisions within the West Midlands area, email this address.


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