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Sergeant Russell Webb

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Confidence in policing

Our main priority to the public in South Yardley is to give them a firm belief and trust that we are providing them with the local policing they need to make their communities a safe and enjoyable place to live, work and socialise in.

You Said, We did, We Listened.

Confidence the police do a good job

We are committed to continually strengthening our good relations with our local communities in listening to their problems and working hand in hand with them to develop and implement effective and lasting solutions.

You Said

Speeding and Antisocial use of vehicles

Speeding around the Bierton and Richmond area and vehicles being used as meeting places.

We Did

Speeding and Antisocial use of vehicles

We will continue to monitor problems, using our Speed Gun and progressing and promoting the speed awareness DVD which is almost ready for launch. The Dispersal Order to the north of the ward will be a great tool for us over the summer in our open areas. We will be moving on to another wave of You Saids in the next few days.

ANPRs Swan Centre

We have conducted 3 ANPR operations on Church Road and the Swan Centre Carpark in recent weeks, vehicles seized for no insurance went into double figures with drivers being reported for the offence. Three males were also arrested for possession of Drugs. One male charged with drugs and traffic offences.

Dispersal Order

We are looking with partners to gain a dispersal order for The Bierton and Richmond area and are currently surveying the area re Antisocial Behaviour. We are also working with Safer Travel with reference to anti social activity on buses

Speeding Op


A local investigation has identified a number plate from a moped which had been seen acting in an antisocial manner. Enquires are on going to issue a notice which can lead to the vehicle being seized if involved in such activity again.A joint operation was mounted with the Solihull Neighbourhood Team on Sunday 5th of April patrolling the open areas and detering of road vehicles.On the afternoon of Thursday 20th of March we ran a speeding operation on Berkeley Road East and Clay Lane even with the awful rain we had to speak to 6 drivers.19/5/14 We have now had sight of Footage which has been film for our road safety DVD which should be ready in a few weeks. We are looking with partners t

You Said


Drug dealing on street corners and general use in the area.

We Did


We will continue to follow intelligence, and be proactive in our approach to drugs and we are planning more ANPRs over the summer which has proved sucessful in relation to drugs. We will be moving on to another wave of You Saids in the next few days.

Drugs and Cash seizures

Over the past few weeks there has been 3 ANPR operations Church Road at Coventry Road and there were 3 arrests for drugs one Class A and 2 Class B.

Cash to the value of approximately £5000 has also been taken, in two separate seizures enquires are ongoing.

Drug Seizures

Since the 19th of May until the 6th of June 2014 there has been 1 seizure of Class A and 4 seizures of Class B drugs, Neighbourhood and CAPT officers also dismanteled a Cannabis Farm in the Yew Tree Area.

Cannabis Farms

Another cannabis farm has been dismantled today Sunday 13th of April 3 large bags of cannabis seized dried and ready to go.

In the past three weeks police have dealt with 2 Cannabis farms in South Yardley, one had over 100 plants and the other around 50 Plants. There has also been 3 seisures of Class A Drugs and 2 more seizures of cannabis.

Monday 19th May 2014 in the past month there has been 3 seizures of Class A drugs and 9 seizures of Cannabis on the South Yardley Ward.

You Said


Burglaries trespassing on property and cold callers, matched with the need to increase security.

We Did

Burglary and Security

We will continue to target harden premises as part of our Operation Tizona and manage our known offenders around burglaries, we will be moving to a new set of You Saids soon.

Dispersal Order

Keep a look out for our dispersal order notices going up to the north side of the Coventry Road where we have a dispersal order notice starting on Monday 7th of July until New Years Eve, this will allow us to move on groups of youths and if they return to the area within a set time they will be liable for arrest, this should make South Yardley a better place to live this summer.

Op Tizona

We have the funding through for Op Tizona so its full steam ahead with making South Yardley a harder place to commit Burglary.

Operation Tizona

We have again secured funds through the Birmingham City Council Community Chest to run Operation Tizona, which helps to target vunerable properties making them more secure.

Date / TimeMeeting Type and Location
Monday 8 September 2014

Time 19:00 -

Bierton and Richmond Meeting

The Vibe, Holder Road, South Yardley,
Monday 13 October 2014

Time 19:00 -

Bierton and Richmond Meeting

The Vibe, Holder Road, South Yardley,
Monday 10 November 2014

Time 19:00 -

Bierton and Richmond Meeting

The Vibe, Holder Road, South Yardley,
Monday 15 December 2014

Time 19:00 -

Bierton and Richmond Meeting

The Vibe, Holder Road, South Yardley,

The inspector for your neighbourhood sector is:

Ruth Lockyer

Telephone: 101 ext 7824 6915