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What if you witness a vehicle crime?

  • If you see someone tampering with a vehicle, you should ring 999. We will endeavour to respond to your call as quickly as possible
  • Try to note down as many details as possible which might help to identify the offender, such as what he/she was wearing and the make, colour and registration number of the vehicle involved
  • You may be asked to write a statement at the scene or, if it is more convenient, attend a police station. Tell the investigating officer as soon as possible if there are any dates when you are not available should you have to attend court to give evidence, for example if you have booked a holiday. Where possible, these dates will be avoided
  • If the offence has just happened, officers may ask you to tour the area with them to try to identify the offender or, at a later date, you may be asked to look at photos to try to pick him/her out
  • If you are asked to help as a witness at an identification parade, many stations have special, one-way screens through which you can view the proceedings in complete privacy
  • Your address will not be included in any statement given to defence lawyers.
  • If you would like to contact us or provide feedback on how an incident was handled, you can contact your local police station on 0345 113 5000
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