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Release of images of wanted people by West Midlands Police


West Midlands Police consistently and proactively release individuals as being wanted across our website and social media sites. The public are our eyes and ears and sharing people as wanted is an extremely successful way of tracking down those who are alleged to have committed a crime.

The decision to issue someone as wanted is one for the Senior Investigating Officer of an investigation. Each case is different and may merit a different approach. Sometimes it is not in the interest of the inquiry to release details of a wanted person as it may hamper on-going enquiries, for example, investigations abroad. 

Of the ten people whose details were released under FOI:

  • Two have strong intelligence, but not official confirmation that they are deceased outside of the UK.
  • One has had no further action taken against him − this is the allegation of rape received in 2010 of historical sex offences against a child between 1984 and 1986. The suspect had subsequently moved to Thailand with all subsequent attempts to trace the man drawing a blank. As soon as the allegation was received an investigation was launched and all of the information passed to Crown Prosecution Service who decided that no further action was to be taken against the 81-year-old. The wanted marker has been removed.
  • Two remain wanted for murder on police systems but there is intelligence which suggests that they are out of the country − there are on-going active investigations with the country concerned.

Of the five remaining, four are listed as wanted for attempted murder. Of these :

  • Luke Anderson 16/2/82 is wanted in connection with an attempted murder in 2001. He was released as wanted by West Midlands Police in 2001 and his image shared widely across regional and national media as a result.
  • Two men are listed as wanted in connection with an attempted murder in 1996.
  • The fourth is wanted over an attempted murder in 2005

The final man has been wanted since 2004 on immigration matters.

Senior Investigating Officers have had the opportunity to share these individuals with the public as part of their investigation − this is regularly reviewed.