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Man tried avoiding arrest by pretending to be his brother…but sibling was wanted for assault!


A man found loitering near cash points tried dodging arrest by giving officers his brother’s personal details…but didn’t realise his sibling was wanted by police for assault! 
Officers on overnight burglary patrols in Halesowen Road, Halesowen, just before 2am this morning (Sept 2) stopped the 33-year-old after spotting him acting suspiciously by an ATM machine. 
Having skipped court bail on a dangerous driving matter - and knowing he was wanted by police − he tried giving officers his brother’s name and date of birth. 
But the man, from Handsworth, was duly arrested when checks of police systems revealed his sibling was also wanted for questioning about a common assault. 
West Midlands Police Chief Inspector Simon Richards, said: "Giving false details is never a sensible option…but giving details of someone wanted by police takes the biscuit! And when he realised he’d been found out he quickly admitted lying and co-operated. 
"Through their line of questioning police officers are trained to expose anyone lying to them and anyone suspected of providing false details will be arrested − and could face further charges of obstructing police. 
"Many of our police teams now also carry or have access to Mobile ID devices which allows officers to fingerprint scan suspects in the street − and if they’ve been arrested before their true details can be determined on the spot." 
The man had been arrested on 13 January last year on the A41 on suspicion of dangerous driving and failing to stop at the scene of a collision in Cannock Road. 
He was charged with several motoring offences but a warrant for his arrest was issued when he subsequently failed to appear at court.