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Complaints and compliments

If you think a police officer or member of police staff has behaved incorrectly or unfairly, you have the right to make a complaint.

Policing is often carried out under difficult conditions. There may be occasions when you think we haven't delivered the service you expect. Also, there are occasions, as in any other business, when we get things wrong.

Our quality of service commitment

We're committed to providing a level of service that responds professionally and appropriately to your particular needs.

You can give us feedback on our service, good or bad, at Rate your local police


If you know or suspect that an officer or member of staff is doing something that does not seem right, please tell us.

Corruption can include:

  • Giving out police information
  • Being involved in criminal activity

This behaviour affects us all. If we know about it we can tackle it.

You can let us know by giving us information online using this form or by calling our Professional Standards Department via 101.

How can I make a complaint against the conduct of a person serving with West Midlands Police?


You can register your complaint online by using this form.

By phone

You can phone us on our non-emergency number 101.

In person

Visit the police station where the member of staff you are complaining against works. It is important to talk to your local officers and give them the chance to put things right.

The Professional Standards Department will be happy to help any member of the public with a disability to make a complaint.

In writing

You can write to your local or main station or Professional Standards Department at police headquarters.

By post
Professional Standards Department
West Midlands Police
Lloyd House
Colmore Circus Queensway
B4 6NQ
Through other agencies
  • Your solicitor
  • Your MP
  • Your local councillor
  • The Citizens Advice Bureau
  • The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC)
  • The Independent Police Complaints Commission(IPCC)
  • Or nominate someone to put forward your complaint - as long as they have a letter from you authorising them to do so

How we deal with the issues you identify?

Both police officers and police staff work in our Professional Standards Department. We will listen to what you have to say and work with you to resolve the issues that you are unhappy about.

We will try to put right the things that have gone wrong so that you get the best service. Also as an organisation, we want to learn and help our staff to do better in future.

If we record a complaint, the Professional Standards Department will decide the severity of it and who should deal with it. In certain circumstances, managers at local stations will deal with issues raised against their staff.

Local police managers are responsible for the standards and behaviour of their staff, so it is only right they deal with such issues.

If you wish to discuss with your local police manager an issue that you have, please phone or write to your local police station.

If your complaint cannot be dealt with by local police officers it will go to the Professional Standards Department. They will decide if the matter should be recorded as a complaint - under the Police Reform Act 2002.

If a decision is made against recording the complaint, we will tell you and explain what happens next. You have a 28 day right of appeal, against this decision to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPPC).

When a complaint is recorded, we will tell you who will be dealing with it. If it takes longer than four weeks to resolve, you will be kept updated with progress at least every 28 days, unless you agree otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions about complaints

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