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BikeSafe is a countrywide initiative run by police forces around the country which aims to reduce motorcycling casualties.

Our Chief Constable is firmly behind this initiative and applauds both the efforts of the officers who make it possible and the riders with the foresight to take these previously unavailable courses.

The one day workshops are run from West Midlands Police Training Centre at Tally Ho, Edgbaston, Birmingham (next to Warwickshire cricket ground).

You will need a full motorcycle licence, be in possession of your insurance and MOT test certificate (if applicable). You will obviously need a road legal bike and must wear suitable clothing.

Course format

Your day will start at 8.30am, where drinks will be available, and you will get a chance to meet your fellow riders. This is followed by initial registration and document checks.

  • The classroom sessions / discussion forums will be based on the new Bikesafe interactive DVD, with its superb computer animated scenarios.
  • There is a session on slow speed handling / manoeuvring with world champion extreme rider Craig Jones.
  • Road riding elements are conducted ONLY by police riders.

The course is very much tailored for the needs and concerns of the riders on each day. All classroom sessions are delivered by qualified police motorcycle instructors or suitably qualified facilitators.

At lunch time a hot meal is available to be purchased in the police canteen. This gives you an opportunity to review and discuss the classroom sessions with other course participants.

The day ends with a debrief, review of the days experiences and guidance as to where you can continue your new found appetite for rider enhancement. The course finishes at 5pm.

You will at no stage be encouraged to do anything with which you are not comfortable with. You certainly will not be asked to ride quicker than you are entirely happy with (a common misconception of advanced rider courses).

You should take away from the course a greater understanding of the risks involved in riding motorcycles on today’s roads, and be better equipped to combat them. You will have a lot of fun with other motorcyclists and should get more enjoyment from your machine more safely.

Courses are priced at £65

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Rider Skills Workshop

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West Midlands Police

CraigWest Midlands Police Bikesafe team are delighted to be working together with Craig Jones who will be joining us on the courses. Craig will be giving the students an insight into the skills he has earned as a top world known extreme rider. He will provide the students with an opportunity to experience advanced bike control techniques in a safe and controlled environment. There will also be a short display of Craig's riding skills.

Craig says, "The skills that I have as an extreme rider can give you the edge in a potentially difficult situation. What Craigmay seem to be an unlikely partnership with the police, is what makes this so effective. I want people to understand how to really control a bike which, could one day, save their life. The idea is for the student to take in new skills and use them in a responsible way. We'll have a lot of fun doing it too!

Visit Craig's website at:


Triple British Superbike Champion Niall Mackenzie enjoys a Bikesafe ride out.

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Triple British Superbike Champion Niall Mackenzie enjoys a Bikesafe ride out.

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