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Speed cameras

What happens when you activate a speed camera

Speeding offences can be dealt with in the same way as Traffic Offence Reports with the option of being offered an education course alongside a fine (where eligible). If education is not available you may be eligible to pay the fixed penalty.

In certain circumstances you may be prosecuted and will receive a postal charge/requisition form. You need to complete the form and return it to Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service at the address supplied.

You need not attend court for the first hearing and only afterwards if you have pleaded ‘not guilty’ and the case goes to trial. Failure to complete the form or inform the court of your plea will result in the case being heard in your absence and the magistrate will make a judgement on the day.

If you have a query relating to signage issues, camera technology , photographic evidence and /or calibration certificate requests please contact the Camera Enforcement Unit .

More information on Fines and Fixed Penalty Notices