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Knife Crime

Either way he's not coming home

West Midlands Police has launched a campaign to tackle the levels of recorded knife crime which has increased since August last year.

Most people in possession of knives are young men aged 15 to 19. These knives, which are predominantly kitchen knives, are then used in robbery or violence.

The campaign called ‘Either way he’s not coming home’ appeals to mothers of young men to have a conversation with their sons about the dangers of carrying a knife.

The hard-hitting imagery (below) shows a young man being arrested and taken away from his home, a knife crime victim in an ambulance and a mother at her son’s funeral.

Would you know what to look for if you thought your son was carrying a knife?

Mothers of teenage boys are also being encouraged to look out for the signs that their son may be carrying a knife (below) and talk to them about the very real danger, that by carrying a knife, they are more likely to be stabbed themselves. Many victims in the West Midlands have often found their own knife has been grabbed and used against them in an attack.

Signs to look out for are below. You can call police on 101 or dial 999 in an emergency.

Warning signs

  1. Has your child withdrawn from the family and/or school?
  2. Is your child’s school or college reporting worrying changes in behaviour, academic achievement or attendance?
  3. Has he or she lost interest in positive activities such as sports clubs?
  4. Does he or she stay out unusually late without giving a reason and is vague about his/her whereabouts?
  5. Has he or she stopped seeing old friends and started hanging out with a new group?
  6. Are they secretive about the contents of their bag?
  7. Are they defensive if you ask what is in their possession or if they’re hiding anything?
  8. Has their attitude changed about carrying knives/weapons? For example, justifying it by saying people carry them for self-defence?
  9. Have any items gone missing from the kitchen, tool box or garage?
  10. Have you found a weapon hidden amongst their possessions?

For those mothers who do find their sons are carrying knives, the police are asking these mothers to encourage their sons to surrender their knife at one of the many knife surrender bins across the region.

Details including a list of locations of the bins can be found on the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner’s website which can be accessed here.

Remember – it is illegal to carry any knife other than a small folding pocket knife in a public place. Penalties for being caught carrying a knife include six months to four years imprisonment and a fine.

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