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Action Fraud is the UK's national reporting centre where you should report any incidents of being scammed or defrauded.

Get more information on the different type of scams that are operating by viewing the little book of big scams.

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Fraudsters want your PIN and bank card – don’t let them scare you into giving these away. It’s a con, call 101.

What is courier fraud?

Phone scammers cold call you claiming to be a bank employee, police officer or other official. They say your account has been hacked and that they need to seize the cards and security details, including PIN numbers, to stop further fraudulent transactions. In some cases, a courier arrives to collect the bank card from your home. These fraudsters often suggest you hang up and call the number on the back of the bank card – but remain on the line to intercept the call.

Protect yourself
  • Your bank or police will NEVER send a courier to your home to collect bank cards
  • Your bank or police will NEVER ask for your PIN number
  • If you receive one of these calls, end it immediately
  • Always be wary of any unsolicited callers – if in doubt, hang-up the phone or close the door and call police
Report it immediately
  • Call police on 101 if you are contacted by someone asking for your PIN number, your bank card or both
  • Already handed your details to a suspected fraudster? Call your bank and cancel your card immediately
  • Call your bank from another telephone – the fraudster may still be on the other line